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Between the Sheets
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update and welcome to new writers, DanteDeo and Godunderfoot.


First up I would like to welcome DanteDeo and Godunderfoot to the Between the Sheets family and thank them for posting their stories, The Universe is a Haunted House, co written by both of the above and Every Breath She Takes by Godunderfoot.

Both are brilliant pieces of work, which personally I would love to read more of. There is a raw, gutsy passion that they portray, which makes you hang on their every word.

Teasers will follow at the end of this.

Now yours truly Vampirique Dezire has finally finished a XXX-Mas story called, Anna’s XXX-Mas wish.

Believe me it is not one of my greatest pieces and I know I will be able to go back after the new year and tweak it to sound so much better, but I figured it is no good asking other’s to submit a XXX-Mas Fantasy without doing one of my own.

Now without further ado I present to you three little teasers to whet your appetite to either go and have a read, if you are already a member or join the forum and read more if you are not.

Perhaps this will be enough for you to say, “hey I wouldn’t mind writing something like this myself.”

The Universe is a Haunted House

The Russian felt the little man leaning himself against him as he knelt there. One of Alexi’s ears was now pressed into his leather encased crotch, and Dust’s second hand began to stroke under his jaw, cupping his chin and rubbing his lower lip. “What is it you want, Alexi?”

Alexi had been starting to shake his head, but at the sound of his name, he made a soft sound, not quite a moan, and pressed his tongue against the fingers touching his mouth.His skin had flooded with heat...he was rigid, taut through his spine, and hard under his loincloth.

"I...I...want to bite...taste you, Master." It was not quite an admission of sexual desire, but it was not-not quite one, either. With his fingers so close to his mouth, the need to flex his jaws - his teeth - into something, was a powerful urge.

“ohhhhh...” Dust praised softly.

At the exhalation on the back of his neck, he hissed softly with an open mouth, tongue drawing over the bit of finger that was just ... there.

“That is good...” Dust murmured huskily, “What do you want to... taste?”

…and that pad of that thumb...dipped into his lower lip, grazed his teeth and then pulled back, wetting his parched lips...and it was sweet.


Every Breath She Takes

  Blood stirred and caused his cock to swell, his heart to race. Her lips, dark and plump, were parted, the golden gleaming ring with its brilliant, fiery blue opal twinkling in the candlelight adding its glow to her rich caramel coffee skin. She bent lower, running her long tongue down the line of his belly. He watched her every move, the pulsing member between his legs was now fully erect. He slept nude these days, a habit he'd picked up from Chiya. Were he breathing, he would have trembled.

Her saliva was smooth, slicker and thicker than a human’s, and her tongue, even in this shape, was long, slender, and maddeningly flexible. She paused as her mouth hovered over his throbbing shaft, hot breath warming the head of it. He closed his eyes in anticipation, ever so still. Through slitted ebony lids he watched her, the smirk having never fully left his pointed visage. She inhaled the scent of him, and her hands came down from his ribs, raking the sides of his belly and hips as she settled her buttocks back onto his thighs. Her robes hung loose and flowing across her body, silk so sheer the points of her breasts stood out plainly.

Marruuk had no use for her sensuality. Marruuk had no use for her beauty.

Anna’s XXX-Mas Wish

Anna felt herself relax as he began to explore her body with his lips and fingers.Never before had she been naked with a man with the light on but oddly enough she felt comfortable with this dream man. Anthony took his time kissing and licking a trail from her breasts over her soft tummy, down towards her neatly trimmed pubis. Parting her legs, he situated himself between them, looking lovingly into her eyes before he dipped his head down and using his tongue; he explored her puffy lips, gently at first, as he tickled his tongue between her moist lips, the musky scent was like an aphrodisiac to him as he felt himself getting harder. Never had Anna experienced anything like this. All of her nerve endings screamed out with each flick of his tongue. She felt his hardness against her foot and was amazed how he continued to grow. Rubbing her foot back and forth over his velvety manhood she shivered with delight when he growled like an animal into her pussy, the vibrations rippled through her.

Determinedly,Anthony used one hand to part the lips of her pussy, allowing the erect nub of her clitoris to be laid bare, circling his tongue around it a few times before sucking it between his lips, biting down with only his gums. Anna’s body shook as she felt her insides coil tighter and tighter, all her concentration focused on this one tiny thing on her body. Sliding a finger inside of her wetness,Anthony started to pump it in and out of her, still working on her clit. He could feel her warm juices starting to flow down his finger and into the palm of his hand. Gasping, Anna felt like she could not hold on for much longer and then it happened…Anthony thrust two more fingers into her gaping wetness and began to fuck her furiously with them as his tongue flickered and circled her clit in time. He found the hard pea shape bump inside of her and used his fingertips to brush against it each time he pushed into her.

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