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Between the Sheets
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Seithe by Poppet...(Book Review)

Seithe by Poppet
Copyright 2009 Author Poppet
Smashwords Edition

Back Cover Blurb
The living leave her feeling dead. Walking through life numb, one man reawakens this sleeping beauty.
In a rage Phoebe stalks out on her past. Fate twists her into new arms. This man breathes life back into her veins, awakening her to living life fully. She steps out of her life induced coma and indulges in SEITHE. He’s intoxicating, enthralling and dangerous.
He’s hiding a secret.
How long before she discovers he’s not like the rest?
You are human; what does that mean? How long has it been since you truly lived the human existence?

My Thoughts
As this is only my second book by Poppet to read, I was filled with expectation before I even began to read it. It was suggested to me that this book would be right up my alley and it most certainly was.

Seithe had me enthralled from the very first chapter until the very last.  I find Poppet to be a very fresh and innovative writer, who brings the characters and settings alive, making you want to be the main character or in the case of Seithe, wanting to meet him in person.

Poppet tells the story with eloquence and just the right amount of ‘now’ language, to make it believable. The way she takes you through each chapter, making you question your own validity on this earth to the point, that you halt your reading, attempting to utilize some of the techniques that Seithe is trying to teach Phoebe is what I found phenomenal. 

The end of each chapter left you wanting more, eager to turn the page and find out what happens next.
Poppet’s description of the area of Camp’s Bay, had you imagining breath taking views, able to smell the flora that surrounds the area and yearning to visit Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

All the way through Seithe, Poppet has maintained a pure erotic undertone and in some areas, an erotic release, without losing the plot to the story.  Not once did I find a section that felt drawn out and slow, everything moved along smoothly and at a pace that kept you breathless with anticipation.

My Recommendation
I would certainly recommend Seithe to anyone who enjoys Supernatural Erotica, with the warning of keep plenty of ice on hand and a decent fan to cool yourself down with, as the heat between the characters sizzle and burns those who get to close. This is definitely a panty drenching, short stretching story.
Personally I look forward to reading more of Poppet’s work!

Vampirique Dezire 2010 

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