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(Book Review) EXPLOITS by POPPET


I was incredibly lucky to be able to read and review the latest book out by Author Poppet, called Exploits, available on Amazon within the next few days.

Now I have never read any of Poppet’s work so was entirely unprepared for what lay ahead of me.
Let me first give you the synopsis as per the jacket cover.


Exploits defines the difference between a relationship and a dictatorship.

A psychological journey from naive, to liberation, until she finally has the greatest love of all.
Stefanie has played by the rules – Now things are changing.

Follow Steph’s exploits from good girl to willing slave. She chucks the court shoes for stilettos. Wears hold up stockings, push up bras, and grows her hair long enough to tickle.

How did this good girl get so bad?

By meeting Gary – the moulder of clay.

The condensed version of a dysfunctional relationship, and how it turned a good girl into a spineless victim of love.

Gary has rules. Rules of ‘engagement’.

Isn’t love supposed to be a battlefield?

So there we have the synopsis, reading it, I would have to say it intrigued me.  I opened up the book and from the first page to the last, I was hooked…just like a ‘big game fish’, Poppet managed to reel me in slowly and surely, teasing me through the characters, only to bring me further in.

From the first page to the last page, I laughed, I cried, I cheered, and I cringed. The book was like reading an intimate exchange between two friends.

Set in South Africa, we read about how the main character, Stephanie grows from a young girl, who has led a fairly sheltered life, only ever having slept with one man, to falling in love with a handsome, sexy guy, called Gary.

Gary seems to be genuine in his love for Steph and like every naive young girl; Steph falls for it, hook, line and sinker.

It’s what happens during her relationship with Gary, that we see Steph become a slave to not only Gary but to her own desires and how powerful they can be.

Throughout the book, we see Steph reach the lowest of lows and highest of highs and how she copes with it all.

Everyone who reads this book, will either see a bit of themselves in it or a bit of someone they know in it.


Poppet started writing full time six years ago, published mainly in magazines for a full six years, getting everything from poetry, crosswords, articles – to recipes, published globally, focusing as a non-fiction health writer. Eighteen months ago she changed focus. Dedicating a full year to networking and getting public exposure for her fiction, she achieved a gold star for her novel EXPLOITS on Authonomy. She’s spent time doing SEO writing for a few companies and also does design work and writing for friends.

Her novel Darkroom is signed and published with Wild Wolf publishing, and she's having poetry featured in SNM Horror Magazine monthly. She wrote two stories and designed the cover for the anthology Under A Harvest Moon.

Exploits was signed by Rebel e Publishers however Poppet chose to not get published with Rebel for personal reasons. Exploits is available as an eBook while being reviewed by other publishers.

Poppet is currently turning her attention to her supernatural / fantasy / thriller books, of which there are many, looking to get them published next. She enjoys writing horror and edgy romance fiction.


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