Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets
Artwork by Casey Johnson


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New Author Pablo Michaels

A new book by Pablo Michaels,
"When Johnny comes arching home again, Hooray!"
available at

Joe Pillar, a Viet Nam War Vet, lives on the streets of San Francisco, scrounging left-over food out of trash cans most days of a month. Haunted by flashbacks from the war, he has delusions of his Air Force buddy, who is an MIA, after their plane was shot down over Viet Cong territory.


The Pagan Knights of Cambria

I am proud to present to you,
Pablo Michaels
newest e-book,
The Pagan Knights of Cambria,
for only £2 at

For more information about Pablo Michaels and his works in progress, please follow his blog at

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