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Friday, December 17, 2010

Between the Sheets is saying goodbye…


Please note, this is a copy of the email I have just sent out to registered members of Between the Sheets, and felt it summed everything up completely. I will also be closing down this blog by the end of the night (Australian ESST) and the group page and like page at Facebook will also be removed today.


My darling ones,

It is with a very heavy heart that I am sending you all this email. Some of you may have already noticed or read my blog from earlier today, stating that the Between the Sheets website had unfortunately been frozen.

After getting in touch with the team handling it all, it was relayed to me that our site breached their ToC's by display adult content and someone had reported us for it.
Bottom line is that I was asked to remove any and all material that was classed as Adult content and yes that did include the stories before they would consider unfreezing the account.

As I have had previous problems with other host sites before, I found I could NOT and will NOT go through all of this again.

All I wanted to do was provide a place where those who were confidant writers and those who wanted to try but not sure how to go about it, could have a place where they could say to people, my work is published on this site. In other words I wanted to pass back to the universe some of the good karma I have received in the last twelve plus months.
I personally would like to thank those who have continued to support Between the Sheets with it's varied moves to different sites and for the new friends we have made on there, I am so sorry this had to end this way. Myself, I have loved each and every one of your stories and to those that I had earmarked to while away my Friday night reading, a great disappointment at not being able to finish and start the new ones that were posted.

Never fear though, I encourage you to join Mistress Journals, run by the ever talented and gorgeous Ms Gina Kincade aka Mistress of Erotica. I am sure Gina and her family will make you all welcome and I do look forward to seeing a lot of you on her site.

You can access Mistress Journals by going to

As for myself, I will be placing my work on my personal blog

f you wish to keep in touch with me or require some review work done, or even a look over of your work, please contact me at and I will be happy to help in anyway I can.

Wishing you and yours all the best for the Holiday Season and a safe, prosperous, magical New Year.

Remember, there is always a story lurking around in your head somewhere, so why not write it down.

Sincerely and with much regret,

Vampirique Dezire
aka Penny

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ms Dezire,
Good to see your still up 2 the same old tricks, i hope all is good in your world.
i'v been trying to find you on face book 4 ages, since my account got cancled. please add me if u can if not i'll try and get back to you on here.
much love, Earl Tai xX